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Simmons KillerSimmons Killers
The most efficient automatic killers available with the unique Simmons combination of rapidly revolving....READ MORE>>

Simmons KillerSimmons Electrical Stimulator

The stimulator allows the operator to supply a pulsed electrical current to birds during the bleeding....READ MORE >>

Simmons Killer Simmons Sharpening Cupstones

Made exclusively for Simmons Rotary Knife Sharpeners. Developed especially for stainless steel blades, superior cutting ability, no overheating....READ MORE >>

Simmons KillerRKS-II Rotary Knife Sharpener
Designed specifically for circular blades and for those sharpeners needing to sharpen several blads to the same diameter....READ MORE >>

  • Maximize Results: Simmons Electrical Stimulator
  • Improves Efficiency: Hydraulic Pumping System
  • Maximize Yield: Simmons Killers
  • Improves Efficiency: Simmons Sharpening Cupstones
  • Minimize Damage: SF-7002 LB Stunner For Large Birds
  • Minimize Damage: SF-7002 LB Stunner For Large Birds
  • Improves Efficiency: RKSII Rotary Knife Sharpener