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Simmons KillerSimmons Killers
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Simmons KillerSimmons Electrical Stimulator
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Simmons Killer Simmons Sharpening Cupstones
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About Simmons Engineering

Lacy SimmonsSimmons Engineering Company is the leading manufacturer of automated poultry stunning and killing machines in the United States.

Simmons stunning and killing systems have been installed on every continent except Antarctica.

A progressive entrepreneur, Lacy W. Simmons (pictured) started the company in 1964, when he saw a need for an efficient and low cost alternative to manual killing.

Lacy designed and produced the first successful automatic poultry killing machine in 1966, revolutionizing the way poultry was slaughtered.

To this day, the Simmons automatic killing machine is still the standard by which all others are measured!

When the industry was in need of an efficient method of anesthetizing the bird, Simmons again came through, with the most effective stunning machine in production, which continues even to this day. Simmons again made great strides in the automation of the poultry industry with a full line of automated processing machines, from stunners to bird washers.

Simmons Engineering Company was incorporated as S.E.C. Incorporated in February of 1998 and continues to strive to be reactive to the ever changing market place specializing in the stunning and killing process. Simmons has moved far ahead of the competition since they introduced the first Stunner with their patented alternating combination current with custom built Stunners to satisfy specific line speed and orientation.

Simmon's BuildingSimmons SK-5 Killer performs like no other with revolving restraining rolls, a molded plastic wheel, and factory built guide bars assuring that all birds of different sizes are placed in the best position for accurate cuts. Simmons Electrical Stimulator on a well-stunned bird can also improve bleeding of birds, accelerate rigor & can reduce fecal contamination in evisceration. Simmons is skilled in the installation, operation, & maintenance of stunning, killing, post-stunning & electrical stimulation systems.

Simmons strives to be a dynamic innovator in the ever-changing market place worldwide. We continue to uphold the quality and simplicity that the company has stood by for over 45 years