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Simmons KillerSimmons Electrical Stimulator

The stimulator allows the operator to supply a pulsed electrical current to birds during the bleeding....READ MORE >>

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Equipment : ES-5100 Electrical Stimulator

The SIMMONS ES-5100 ELECTRICAL STIMULATOR SYSTEM is designed specifically for broiler chickens. The Stimulator allows the operator to supply a pulsed electrical current to birds during the bleeding. The pulses cause breast contractions that have the effect of speeding up the postmortem biochemical reaction and results in early rigor that reduces the aging requirement prior to deboning.


Electro polished stainless steel construction combined with non-conductive USDA approved plastics to improve safety and facilitate maintenance and sanitation.

Overhead Support Frame for mounting from the overhead conveyor allows easy installation inside the bleeding trough.

Hydraulic Height adjustment using a hydraulic motor and hand valve allows accurate and safe adjustment from a remote location when bird size changes.

Adjustable Voltage from 0 to 240 VAC and a Pulse Timer with adjustable "ON" and "OFF" pulses in 0.1 second increments give the capability of easy setting of the most effective parameters for voltage level and pulse duration for stimulation.

ES 5100