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Equipment : SF-7002 LB Large Bird Stunner

The SIMMONS SF-7002LB STUNNER is designed to stun large birds without crowding. The SF - 7002 LB Stunner uses the same patented combination of high frequency pulsed direct current and low frequency alternating current that has been the distinguishing feature of Simmons stunners for several years.

The Simmons combination provides a very thorough stun while preventing the damaging effect of severe muscular contractions normally caused by stunning only with the AC. In areas where stun-to-kill is required, the birds can still be stunned to the point of cardiac arrest with no result in product damage.

Research has shown that high-current AC stunning can delay the onset of rigor mortis and increase the need for aging prior to boning the breasts, but this does not occur when birds are stunned with the Simmons technique. When birds are stunned by SF-7002 LB and necks are cut by the Simmons SK-5 Killer, the relaxed bird bleeds very rapidly and bleeding time is minimized. Research has also shown that killing by decapitation can be done with no detrimental effect to feather removal or meat quality.

The Simmons SF-7002 LB is not a "water bath" stunner. It has a "direct-contact" stun surface to conduct current through the bird's head and body to a ground shackle. A saline solution is used to wet feathers and skin and thereby aid in conductivity. Let us review with you the latest techniques in stunning and killing, developed to maximize your yield by eliminating damage caused in the kill area.


A Wide "V" - shaped cabinet, designed especially for large birds, which prevents birds from escaping the stun.

High frequency and low frequency power supplies, protected by a tightly sealed fiberglass enclosure.

Electronic Sensor to ensure positive saline solution depth control.

Digital display to indicate stunning volt┬Čage and amperage.

Electrically controlled height adjustment for use when changing bird sizes. Optional Hydraulic controls are also available.

Stainless Steel Guide Bar Kit.

SF 7002 Stunner