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Simmons KillerSimmons Killers
The most efficient automatic killers available with the unique Simmons combination of rapidly revolving....READ MORE>>

Simmons KillerSimmons Electrical Stimulator

The stimulator allows the operator to supply a pulsed electrical current to birds during the bleeding....READ MORE >>

Simmons Killer Simmons Sharpening Cupstones

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Simmons KillerRKS-II Rotary Knife Sharpener
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Equipment : SK-5 Killer

The SIMMONS SK-5 is the most efficient automatic killer available. The SK-5 has a unique combination of rapidly revolving restraining rollers to convey to the birds' heads to the killer blade and the bicycle wheel. This helps prevent wings from being cut and to place the head in a correct position to cut the vessels on both sides of the neck (a full-ventral or "kosher" cut), resulting in a very rapid blood loss, usually in a range of 85 to 90 seconds.

The SIMMONS SK-5 is the most widely used killer for meeting HALAL slaughter requirements.


Electro-polished stainless steel construction and other USDA approved materials.

Hydraulic motors prevent electric motor use in wet and dusty environments of stun/kill rooms - less down time.

Hydraulic pumping system with primary and standby pumps for operating hydraulic motors.

Operates consistently at all line speeds.

Large and small birds in the same flock accommodated.

Increased yield leaves less meat on the head.

"Kosher" cut for maximum bleed out.

Shorter bleed time.

ES 5100